Year:2023   Volume: 5   Issue: 1   Area: Law

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Enas Naji KADIM


In the last years, politics become globally the main activity in life of human beings in order to discuss and negotiate different crises such as the relations between countries, heath crisis, the crisis of the water sources, the diplomatic relations, war announcements and so on by manipulating language which has different types and aims. There many studies which are focused on the political speeches of different presidents and politicians and these studies adopt different theories and models in order to show their ideologies, power, plans and different characteristics. So this study tries to analyse the speech of president Vladimir Putin concerning the crises of Ukraine.It tries to analyse his speech by adopting Van Dijk (1999, 1995, 2004 , 2006) discursive strategies. This study aims to find how Putin manipulated and used these strategies in his speech concerning the crisis in Ukraine.Vladimir Putin is a president of Russia and his country has tense relations with Ukraine from United States of America (USA) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) been strategically planning to extend their territories along the borders between Ukraine and Russia. He tried to state the facts and tell the international community, the citizens of Russia and Ukraine, UAS, and NATO' countries about the lies of the United States. The current study is concerned with the political discourse of President Vladimir Putin concerning the crises of the war with Ukraine.It investigates the structures and the discursive strategies that reveal some aspects of Putin′s political attitudes and ideologies This study is done in three categories which are as follows: the category of meaning, the category of argumentation and the category of rhetoric

Keywords: Political Discourse , Ideology , Power , Discursive Strategies ,Unites Nations ,and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.