Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Art and Design

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Imen Thabet THABET


The research dealt with three main axes in which the first axis deals with the Amazigh script in the Maghreb as a reduced formality system for Maghreb rock art. The second theme is about the concept of sustainability in plastic art and the artist's continuous search for identity and subjectivity. And the third axis on the use of plastic values of the characters of the Amazigh font based on the techniques of rock art Maghreb and abstract art in order to achieve contemporary graphic designs. The problem of the research lies in how to make use of the aesthetic dimensions of the symbols of the Amazigh writing of the Maghreb by relying on abstract art in order to create contemporary graphic designs. The research aims at presenting various problems, including plastic, through which we seek to find new approaches to contemporary designs based on privacy and research in identity in order to create designs with contemporary techniques, through which we seek to consolidate the popular heritage of the Maghreb. On the other hand, the research presents a psychological problematic character concerned with its transformation from the linguistic field to the plastic field and thus the semantic transformation that will result from it. The experimental descriptive method was used to implement several designs. One of the most important results obtained by this research is that it is possible to take advantage of the popular heritage and the cultural stock and its aesthetic dimensions in order to produce contemporary designs on the one hand and to ensure the sustainability of the traditional heritage on the other.

Keywords: Contemporary Sculpture, Margoum Oudref, Weaving, Merging, Homogeneity.