Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 5   Area: Linguistics

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Latifa Mohamed ALAHYANE


The theoretical achievement in the field of foreign language learning in the 1950s and early ‎‎1960s remained related to the practical side of language teaching. Moreover, The idea of the ‎need for foreign language teaching methodologies for a theory of learning has remained constant ‎since the occurrence of educational reform movements of the late nineteenth century.‎ To come to terms with the current developments in the field of foreign language learning, it is ‎necessary to trace the recent history of the research carried out in this regard. Therefore, we will ‎focus in this article on tracking the most important theoretical assets of foreign language teaching ‎methods, and monitoring the evolution of language teaching and learning methods. This is done ‎to distinguish between two approaches to language teaching; first, Direct teaching that negates ‎the overlap of the learned and acquired language during foreign language instruction. And ‎second Mediated teaching in which the second language is taught through the first language. ‎Through this, we will monitor the cognitive cross-fertilization between acquiring the first ‎language and learning the second one by tracing the relationship between them. We will list the most important assumptions underpinned by approaches to foreign language ‎teaching. And we will monitor the foundations on which each approach is based separately to ‎discover the commonalities between them and the contrast between them. We will then ‎contribute to building a new conception of foreign language learning by making use of the ‎translation action inherent in the procedures adopted in most of these approaches. This is mainly ‎evident in the difference between the necessity of adopting the first language or not during the ‎teaching and learning of the foreign language‎. .

Keywords: Applied Linguistics, First Language acquisition, Teaching Foreign Languages approaches, ‎Direct teaching, Mediated teaching‎