Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: TOURISM

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Rasool Salim Maseer AL-MALIKI


Arabian economic integration is one of the important means in activating all economic and public activities, and employing them to serve national and national development, and the contribution of this cooperation to addressing economic crises on the one hand, and developing economic performance on the other. Importance of the research: - Iraq is characterized by the diversity of its climate, and the diversity of tourist sites that would achieve tourism integration with other Arab countries, and in particular Iraq's uniqueness in political, archaeological and religious sites, which makes tourism in it as a great advantage. Research Objectives: - Iraqi tourism advantages are able to contribute to the development of the economy, the tourism in so many countries has a leading position in the national income, Iraq did not previously count on tourism as a source of national financing for many reasons, including its dependence on oil exports, or because of the conditions that followed the Gulf War, this research seeks also for means of the Arabian cooperation to achieve tourism integration. Research argument: Tourism in Iraq suffers from many problems, in light of the lack of a strategy to develop the tourist reality, and that Iraq’s recent distancing from the Arab depth has contributed to the decline of neighboring countries. Research Structure: This research included an introduction, conclusion and three sections. The first topic was devoted for studying the reality of tourism in Iraq, the second topic was to study the obstacles to Arab tourism cooperation, and the third topic proposed mechanisms for Arab cooperation to develop the reality of Iraqi tourism.

Keywords: Economic Integration, Tourism, Economic Crises.