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Abeer Bani MUSTAFA


One of the most honorable and distinguished sciences is the Holy Quran science; as it is from God and the correct, frequent, compiled recitation. Who preserved Arabic in its performance, pronunciation, sounds, morphology, and the like. It has always remained the focus of scholars’ attention in reading, memorizing, reciting, drawing, controlling, understanding and deducing legal and linguistic rulings. There is no doubt that Quranic readings are the most important sources of language studies since it is full of multiple rhetoric styles and phonological, morphological and contextual phenomena. The odd Quranic readings are no less important than the rest of the correct Quranic readings, even though they have lost one of the conditions for correct reading. The scholars have paid great attention to them, structuring and directing what they contain of rich material worthy of study and many and varied evidence on linguistic phenomena in their various forms. The purpose of the study is to investigate in important phenomenon in the Arabic language in general which is assimilation phenomenon, and studying it through one of the most important readings, it is Al-yazidi reading one of the four reading exceeding the tenth readings, where his assimilations came as those in the correct seventh readings. The study approach is detecting all the assimilations positions in this reading phonetically and analytically with consentient modern language science in an attempt to explain its precise phonetic laws that govern the interaction of adjacent sounds with each other in order to bring about a kind of symmetry and vocal harmony between them. Then follow the opinions of the grammarians in these diphthongs in an attempt to find out the extent of their agreement or disagreement with the rules and standards of the grammarians.

Keywords: Quranic Readings, Al-Yazid, Phonetic Phenomena, Snoring, Similar.