Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Art and Design

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Amenah Amer SALMAN‎, Sahar Ali SARHA‎ ‎‎


The phenomenon of bullying was represented in industrially advanced ‎societies as well as developing societies. Confronting and protecting ‎against this phenomenon is one of the trends that are being sought ‎because it is modern in the field of mental health. And that this ‎phenomenon is related to the family and social context of the ‎individual and produces psychological and behavioral disorders in the ‎personality of both the bully and the victim because it is a common ‎and dangerous phenomenon in society in general and cognitive ‎disciplines in particular, in addition to the negative effects that remain ‎in the memory of the individual, which in turn affects his ‎psychological health in the long run. As a result of being bullied, Half ‎of the children at some point in their school life have been bullied. ‎This era witnessed a number of these phenomena in the art of ‎designing publications, especially the design of modern posters. After ‎an exploratory study carried out by the two researchers for a group of ‎posters, it was found that there is a scientific need to clarify the ‎problem of their research through the following question:‎ What is the phenomenon of bullying in contemporary poster designs? ‎As for the importance of the research, it lies in the fact that this ‎research may contribute to benefiting those working in graphic design ‎and urging them to do the following:‎ ‎1- Community awareness through poster designs, and the rejection of ‎bullying, to reduce suicide incidents and psychological cases caused ‎by bullying by designing guidance posters.‎ ‎2- It may also be of interest to the Human Rights Commission, the ‎Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the ‎Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Higher Education and ‎Scientific Research.‎ The aim of the research is to identify the phenomenon of bullying in ‎contemporary posters, and the spatial boundaries were represented ‎in: Global posters on bullying published on the website of the time ‎limits: 2019-2020.‎ As for the conclusions, they were as follows:‎ ‎1- The phenomenon of bullying was represented in the poster in ‎several types, including psychological, physical and symbolic, which ‎leads to the instability of the victim and causes him psychological ‎diseases and other various symptoms that are clear on the victim.‎ ‎2- There is a clear impact of the awareness poster in the system of ‎cultural and moral values that determine the behavior of the recipient ‎in any society, because of the suggestions and indications it contains ‎of the bully, and the ideas and values it contains that aim to create ‎positive effects that lead to the upgrading of human societies to reduce ‎the phenomenon of bullying.‎

Keywords: Bullying Phenomenon, Types of Bullying and The Reasons for its ‎Spread, Poster‎.

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