Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Sociology

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Mohammed SALAMI


In this research I attempts to some semiotic signs (linguistic and non-linguistic) at one exception period recently, many convictions have been changed when it was before fixed and established. It was even a fixed habits, This is related to the transformations that the Covid-19 pandemic has produced - with its types and manifestations - at the level of Interpretative Process - in the semiotic concept - the thing that justifies the presence of semiotics and its correctness, and the extent to which it keeps pace with the signs that man has been, and still is, circulating through various times, and in different deliberative contexts. For this reason, we will try to contribute to this intellectual discussion stemming from the variables of Covid-19, where we will ask some questions about the rhetorical models that have become present because of the pandemic, it will take a semiotic way aimed at developing critical awareness in the first place and highlighting what we can of the signs that perform the function of expression, or communication. and necessity that imposes itself. Our target in this research is to question the meaning and follow it through the verification aspects that accompanied the pandemic, relying on interpretive semiotics as the theoretical framework that helps us in achieving the desired goals and in asking many existential questions that are directly or indirectly related to the human being. To what extent does interpretive semiotics participate to discussing the manifestations of the pandemic? And how do Covid-19’s speech convey meaning? What is the meaning-building mechanisms in Covid-19’s semiotics? And what is the relevance of semiotics?.‎

Keywords: Semiotic, Discourse, Corona Meaning, Interpretative Process.