Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Child Research

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Othman GHAZI SALEH, Rafid Ibrahim KHALIL


Terrorism is one of the crimes of great danger and the wide impact on society because of its spread of terror, panic and fear among citizens through the use of illegal methods and violence. Terrorism has claimed millions of lives and ignited wars among members of the same society, as it does not distinguish between a male and a female or between a young and a large person, Technological development and the emergence of the Internet in various areas of life and in most countries of the world have been used by terrorist organizations to achieve their objectives and motives for the commission of crime, which has led to the emergence of a new form of terrorism, known as digital or electronic terrorism. Cyber terrorism is no different from the phenomenon of terrorism in general, as the intellectual, economic and political causes and motives overlap with their personal motives, but terrorist organizations have used their capabilities and energies to take advantage of the internet to use them in committing their crimes, which have more effects than the effects of crimes caused by the use of explosives, as air and missile defense systems can be disrupted, communications between central command and other units can be cut off, nuclear power plants paralyzed or the banking system breached. The youth group is the influential nerve in all societies, so states seek to build this category on good, virtue and patriotism, but terrorist organizations strive to attract the group of young people under misleading slogans and fall victim to what is promoted by cyber terrorism through social media programs and the extremist ideas published by the websites of terrorist organizations, taking advantage of the destitution and despair that this group is going through in some countries and making the young man lose the value of life and think about harming himself and the environment that this group is going through in some countries He lives in it.

Keywords: Cyber-Terrorism; The Youth Group.