Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Area: Education

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The educational institution today is one of the most important institutions that works to achieve and disseminate knowledge values among its members, and since the educational institution is at the same time a social institution, it reflects the goals, principles, values, behaviors and knowledge of that society to which it belongs through a set of concepts and values associated with each other to lead Its role is to immunize members of society in general and the youth group in particular against the fierce attack that young people are exposed to, threatening their Arab identity, social fabric and national affiliation to lead them to change the style and style of their culture and their knowledge and societal values. What the world is witnessing today in terms of rapid events and changes represented by the moral and cognitive change that surrounded many aspects of the lives of young people, as a result of the great cultural openness and the intellectual invasion of various modern technological means whose impact has become vast on generations, especially the youth among them, as young people have become chanting phrases, concepts and behaviors that are not complete in our society. The matter went beyond defending these misconceptions, which necessitated the solidarity of all members of society, especially education and all its institutions, to restore the lost balance and defend our lofty values. The Iraqi society was characterized by preserving the system of values, customs, knowledge and general principles until 2003 as it was a closed society and after that year and the rapid changes and transformations it was subjected to following its sudden and unprecedented contact with the outside world, in addition to the rapid deterioration in the economic and political conditions and the security chaos are all factors They gathered to lead individuals in general and youth in particular to excessive use of modern technological means and an attempt to imitate and copy everything they saw without taking into account the values and knowledge of our society. The study was prepared according to three sections. In the first section, we dealt with the subject of the study, its importance and objectives, with a statement of the most important concepts and terms contained therein‎.

Keywords: Education, Value Change, Youth, Cognitive Change.