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Yasmeen Nzam ABU MUKH, Safia TARTEER


Business organizations need to have a person or group of people working to lead the affairs of the organization by planning, organizing, controlling and coordinating human activities with a view to achieving the desired goals. Effective management aims to bring about development, by working according to modern scientific foundations that reject traditional concepts, and seeks to support technical aspects and organize human relations, in order to achieve its goals that need planning and continuous evaluation. And based on the importance of the school, which is one of the institutions of socialization, and because it is an institution of education, it urgently needs a successful principal who is able to prepare a good generation that serves his community with honesty and integrity. The school administration needs to be evaluated on an ongoing basis in order to know the extent of its effectiveness in achieving the set goals and the extent to which it follows the established action plans; Evaluation has become an urgent educational necessity, and is built on scientific foundations as a necessary part of the educational learning process. Therefore, evaluation is described as a process accompanying the educational process, a means to improve it, and a tool to achieve its goals. To develop administrative matters and organize the affairs of the school and staff in a better way. Given the importance of evaluation in school administration, school principals seek to benefit from the evaluation system that operates according to honest and transparent standards, and that it is carried out periodically to reveal the latent creativity of students in schools, considering creativity a basic pillar that helps individuals solve their problems and develop their cultural ,social aspects of life, personality, and the interest in early detection and integrated care for creators enhances the investment of their maximum potential imposed by civilization progress and the accelerating technological revolution. Hence, this study aims to study the concept of school administration and its tasks, administrative patterns and their importance, objectives and foundations of school administration evaluation, evaluation methods and tools and its role in revealing the latent creativity of students in primary schools.

Keywords: Evaluating The School Administration, Primary Schools, The Creativity

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