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Raed Ghalib HASSAN


The contracting party may make a declaration of the will in any manner it considers appropriate, provided that it has a meaning which the other party can understand. Also, because the Internet is based on modern technology that combines text, audio, and images simultaneously, contractors can express themselves in any way they see fit. Also, the expression of the will is determined according to rules in general when it is through modern electronic means, and when it is mostly a voluntary expression, whether explicitly or implicitly, by electronic means. The will appears via the Internet only explicitly, and after confirmation by technical means before the final choice, and the possibility of expressing the will via the Internet has reached a point of convergence between electronic contracts and traditional contracts. It does not matter whether this expression takes the form of customary or official writing, whether it is public or private, by hand or by technical means, signed or unsigned, original or photographed, whether it was transmitted directly or by photograph or a term on it or otherwise, and whether it was done directly. between the contracting parties or between them by means of various modern devices

Keywords: (Expression and Will, Expression and The Internet, Freedom)