Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Art and Design

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Hanan Ghazi SALEH


The research included a study of the formal diversity and its ability to attract the recipient in the designs of industrial products، especially (kitchen utensils) through its performance and formal effectiveness, Which plays a key role in the development and diversity of design forms that are reflected on the aesthetic taste of the user through ease of use، lack of boredom and monotony in the forms of products and their ability to meet the needs of users over time with easiness. Technology has crossed the spatio-temporal boundaries from the development of production and the diversity of its means. Technology has changed the course of humanity with technological innovations and inventions, which made the industrial designer able to manipulate and diversify shapes and identify modern technologies in industrial products. Hence, we find that the formal diversity in kitchen tools helps in understanding and raising the level of user ability to suit its functionality or multiple uses and ease of choosing shapes models. From here، the researcher relied in her research on four chapters; the first included the setting forth of the research problem, which was determined by the following question: What is the formal diversity and its effectiveness in the industrial product design? As for the aim of the research, it was represented in reaching to determine the relationship of formal diversity in the design of the industrial product. As for the second chapter, it included two topics, the first is formal diversity in industrial products, and the second topic is formal diversity through the technical variable. As for the third chapter, it included research procedures, methodology, description and analysis of samples arriving at the results, conclusions, recommendations and suggestions, the researcher reached the most important results: 1- The formal diversity was characterized by high transparency through the designer's ability to diversify the design forms for the first and second models, through the diversity in shapes and in the complements that showed an aesthetic in the internal and external form with a variety of options in use for the user. 2- Modern technical developments and their diverse effects have greatly added to the design bodies، and sought to raise them to the highest levels of innovation and creativity and achieve harmony between aesthetic values with functional values. The modern technological development achieved the addition of new systems that increased the effectiveness of functional performance as well as the smart work mechanism through formal features and characteristics، and the sum of those features meet the needs of users and help products to be able to interact with them As for the conclusions, they included 1- Designs of industrial products for kitchen utensils have been linked to technical variables and their implications on designs in line with formal and functional systems within the data of the new era and what it devolves in the future. 2- Diversity and harmony in shapes in the design of kitchen utensils constitute a unit of shape and a point of visual attraction for the recipient through control options, performance and mechanisms of presentation.

Keywords: Diversity, Form, Technical Variable.