Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 2   Area: Child Research

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Ban Ismail MAHMOUD


Future education or the vision of the future ineducation is that it occupies abasic position in the process of change that have aclear impact on his future, so it is the pracess of future orientalism, and a process inherent to the individual since the beginning of creation, so future eduction and its dimensions for the development and education is considered basic. Education,whether as variable for societal trans formation or aprimry driver for this trans formation is byvirtue of its role and nature the most vulnerable aspects of Socity to changes that the future entails and the challenges it imposes will necessanily bring about violent changes in the education system its philosophy, its role and its institutions meathods and methods. The cldrrent researchaims to identify; 1. Dimensions of future eduation for kindergarten teachers To achive the goals; 1.1. The res carcher did the folloing; 1.1.1. The future Education Dimensions scale (Ryoosh) 2019 was adopted, consisting of (46) paragrafs. The researcher vesified the distinct strength. And internal consistenay the results of the concluded that 1. Kindergarten teachers to not have the scientific and future dimesion as. The difference was not statistically significant the researcher recom mended som recommedations; 1. The role of the ministry of Education to encourage and streng than kindergarden techers by providing allrequirements and faci that help themin educationg children. 2. Working to pay attention to all future dimensions of female teacher. The researcher reached some suggestions; 1. Asimilar study on university. Students in all majors and for both sexes, males males - females. 2. A study aimed at building aprogram to develop the scientific and future dimension of kindergarten teachers.

Keywords: Kindergarten, Dimensions of Education, Parameters and Education.