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The aim of the study was to reveal the reality of young people in our Arab-Palestinian ‎society from different cities and villages from the north of the country and its center; The aim ‎was to reveal the relationship between future orientation and mental vigilance, expectations, ‎planning, future aspirations and opportunities among young people in Arab society and the ‎predictability of a future-oriented trend as a dependent variable through independent ‎demographic variables such as gender, class, economic status, educational attainment and ‎religiosity; This study applied to a random sample of 684 students from the last primary ‎‎(6th), middle school (8th and 9th) secondary (11th and 12th).‎ The researcher relied on the descriptive analytical and correlative approach Methods and appropriate statistical methods through (spss) and reached a set of results; ‎We noticed from the results that the evaluation of phrases in "socials and the presence of ‎friends in their lives and their sense of safety and good health" was high, particularly the ‎feeling of security and to be healthy where they received the highest grades, With regard to ‎active thinking and future plans, they also received the highest scores, and the ‎implementation of the plans was somewhat lower than the mere thinking of making plans.‎ We also conclude that students are always thinking about their future and can see ‎themselves in several options, but they did not actually seem to be formally planning their ‎future, and what distinguishes this study is that it is unique in using the active thinking hub ‎and making plans about The future as the focus of the study has not appeared in Arab ‎studies, including foreign ones.‎ Just as the future prospects for young people lie in their level of educational attainment, the ‎higher their aspirations, expectations, plans for the future and vice versa; With regard to the ‎variable of the class, we note that all students at different age stages are planning, ‎expecting, looking forward and future opportunities, but older student has higher ‎expectations, future prospects and plans for future stability, job, profession and academic ‎progress, and this study was also unique by using the class variable where there is no ‎previous study that touched on him.

Keywords: Future Prospects, Expectations, Future Aspirations, Opportunities, Future Plans, Mental ‎Vigilance, Future Orientation, Youth‎.

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