Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Art and Design

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Huda Fadhil ABBAS


Ideological dimensions are a phenomenon that contributes to raising the level of design that is reflected in acceleration, accuracy and increasing the circulation of advertisements within the digital display of technical media, which has produced new dimensions, cultural, communication, knowledge, and environmental, adding to the participatory communication message a new reality that depends on the features of the new era. In addition, it helped to change the course of design and advertising in line with cases of growth and prosperity. The ideological dimensions were able to reduce the knowledge gap between the advertising message and the diversity of language and cultures of the recipients of the communication message, The advertising designs were characterized by the employment of a design structure that depended on the necessities and requirements Conditions to achieve excellence and effectiveness, pull factors resulting from movement and harmonious variations of visual elements, and activate the symbolic and textual language to promote and show effective communication dimensions. In view of the influences that ideology confers on the design process, the researcher generated the following question: What are the ideological dimensions of interactive communication in digital advertising designs? The aim of the research was based on highlighting the ideological dimensions of interactive communication in digital advertising designs. As for the second, it included the first topic entitled - Dimensions of Ideology of Interactive Communication - and the second - Ideological Dimensions and Designs for Digital Advertisements, Chapter - And the three factors are effective for the communicative message, those reflections made by those movements in enriching the aesthetic, cognitive and psychological dimension outside the traditional presentation style that characterized each of the samples (2,3). As for the most important conclusions, they included:- The use of information ideology, symbolic culture and discourses of color and shape in the structure of digital advertising design, helped to activate the communicative message in all its cognitive, psychological and social dimensions, because the symbolic message corresponds to the developments of the accelerating digital age, which changed the paths and habits of readings reflected on the recipient.

Keywords: Ideology, Interactive Communication, Dimension Design, Advertising Design