Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Literature

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‎ Ahmet ŞAFAK


One of the important elements of Turkish culture and oral tradition is idioms and proverbs. It ‎has an important place in reflecting the cultural values of societies. They are wise words that ‎reflect the thoughts, attitudes and behaviors of nations towards life. They reflect the cultural ‎values and lifestyles of that society. Culture can also be expressed as social accumulation that ‎includes the abstract and concrete structures of that society. As a mirror reflecting the cultural ‎and religious structure of a nation, it has an important place in the literature of many nations.‎ The aim of this study is to determine the idioms and proverbs used in Hatay/Kumlu district. ‎There are many idioms and proverbs in the Hatay/Kumluk dialect. These materials, which live ‎in the oral language, have been recorded and made available to the people who exist, as well ‎as not to be forgotten‎‎‎.‎

Keywords: Hatay, Kumlu, Idioms, Turkish Language, Vocabulary