Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Economics and Business Administration

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Ali Hussein Ali AL-KHAZAALI


This study, which came under the title Images of deviation in the corner of the goal in the administrative decision, deals with the goal of the administrative decision is the final intent of issuing the administrative decision. In the content of the legal effect of the administrative decision by establishing a specific legal center or amending or canceling an existing legal center, which is what is called the place of the administrative decision. As for the indirect and distant goal represented by the final result of the administrative decision, it crystallizes with what is called the purpose of the administrative decision. The direct and close objective of the decision to appoint one of the employees is for the work of a legal position. The indirect and distant objective and the final result of this decision is the continuation of work in the public facility in accordance with the work requirements and the conditions of its needs, and the direct and close objective of the decision issued to impose a penalty Discipline on a public employee is to prevent the violator from repeating the job error and deter others so that they avoid the violating course of their job duties. As for the indirect and distant goal and the final result is to achieve the public interest and the proper functioning of the facility regularly and steadily, and the administration may target a specific goal, which requires the administration to work to achieve This particular goal is not directed to others, even if this third party is to achieve a public interest, and if the administration departs from achieving this particular goal, then its decision is tainted by the defect of deviation from authority or its abuse, which is considered a justification for canceling the administrative decision that distorts the same goal, that the administration has been afflicted with the face of the interest. The general public that the decision should seek and its issuance with a reason not related to that interest.

Keywords: The Administrative Decision, Images of Deviation.