Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Law

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Anwer Mohamed Ahmed ABUJANAH


International diplomatic relations represent one of the greatest manifestations of independence and national sovereignty. This requires each autonomous state to establish various relationships with other countries. This leads, subsequently, to exchanges of ambassadors to manage foreign affairs. It is of prime importance to highlight the significance of the preponderant role played by diplomatic representations in the development of international relations. This consequently justifies the privilege and the great assurance granted by States to representatives, and allows them to be more efficient in their representation. This is why all States must ensure that the conditions of diplomatic agents are maintained, their rights are respected, as well as any act of deviation and violation of their assurances. This study therefore proposes to highlight the concept of diplomatic immunity, with its various types and contexts, as an essential element in the practice of this profession. It also aims to make explicit the regulations of the diplomatic system and the legal nature of the privileges granted to ambassadors. Following the various changes recently produced in the international political arena, we consider it necessary to understand the challenges in the field and to study in as much detail as possible the security and guarantees possessed by the diplomatic agent. This study is subdivided into four parts: We will first attempt to define the concept of diplomatic immunity, And we explain, in a second place, the course and the historical development of the latter. While the third part of the study, will be devoted to the explanation of the legal bases being at the origin of this immunity. Finally, the fourth part will include the study of the various types of diplomatic immunity and their different manifestations.

Keywords: Diplomacy, Diplomatic İmmunity, Diplomatic Envoy, Diplomatic Agents, Diplomatic Bag, Diplomatic Sector.