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Shehab EDAIS


Tourism has become a global phenomenon and money generator for investors, service providers, ‎auxiliary support services, regions and nations involved in the tourism business. The turbulent ‎situation in Jerusalem occasioned by Israeli Palestinian crisis put euphoria in the mind set of ‎tourists visiting the country. Thus, this paper aims at examining the effects of political stability on ‎tourist loyalty in Jerusalem. A quantitative methodology was applied in this study and primary ‎data was collected from 384 tourists who had visited Jerusalem. Results of the structural ‎equation modelling found that political stability has a significant positive influence on tourist ‎loyalty. The top contributing factor in the case of Jerusalem is Israeli risk, and as such, Palestinian ‎tourism industry should greatly reduce the risk because tourists visiting Jerusalem are more ‎concerned about safety and security. The results of this study will help Israeli-Palestinian tourism ‎sector to undertake more efficient planning, marketing, advertising, and enhancing the overall ‎management of their resources in Jerusalem. Tourism industry should focus on improving the ‎positive image of Jerusalem to increase influx of guests, more revenue, and sustainability because ‎successful tourism development is closely related to lower risk at a destination‎.

Keywords: Political Stability, Tourist Loyalty, Jerusalem, Palestine‎.