Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Art and Design

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Zainab Hashem ALWAN, Wisam Hassan HASHIM


The interior space is the vital space in which all activities related to different people’s activities take place, and the design of the interior space must be adaptive and compatible, kinetically and psychologically with the occupant of the space. Our internal environment affects every aspect of urban life. In our world today, it is not possible to imagine modern human activity without one of the most important technological achievements in the twentieth century, which is the computer and the interactive technologies associated with it and the capabilities provided by computers and their applications in all fields, especially educational spaces. Therefore, the current research proceeded from a research problem by asking the following question: (What are the applications of info media that are compatible with the educational space and the modern) , while the importance of the research includes clarifying some concepts related to informatics and its impact on interior design by finding a theoretical base for informatics and its impact on the design of educational spaces, while The aim of the research study was to reveal the reality of the use of info media (information media) in the design of training interior spaces, especially in educational institutions. Educational. The researchers also used the descriptive approach in the research procedures. At the end of the research, the researchers presented the conclusions of the research, perhaps the most important of which are: Modern education is linked through digital technologies and informational means, including its effectiveness, as it is not possible to access the developed world through it, and this can only be done by the presence of an internal space that contains and takes into account these activities In design, therefore, the internal educational space represents the vital space through which all educational activities take place.

Keywords: Info Media, Interior Design, Educational Spaces.

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