Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Area: International Relations

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Anwer Mohamed Ahmed ABUJANAH


Terrorism is known as one of the most dangerous phenomena that has the negatively influence the reality of ‎human societies. Despite human history has never been free from acts of terrorism in all its forms, modern ‎terrorism has exceeded in its magnitude, image and impact all that has been found since human existence. In ‎addition, this phenomenon becomes a matter of concern to human beings wherever it may be exist. ‎Nevertheless, politicians, sociologists, lawmakers and philosophers, as well as various intellectuals and writers ‎alike, accept without hesitation the recognition of the difficulties of identifying and placing terrorism within a ‎comprehensive background that is acceptable to all. The disagreement and the lack of understanding that ‎accompanied and kept pace with all the attempts that were made and are taking place discuss the term of ‎terrorism. The problem of the terrorism under study revolves primarily around a phenomenon that is now ‎plaguing the entire world. This paper discusses a diagnosis of incurable disease called international terrorism to ‎reveal some of the uncertainties and uncertainties in this phenomenon. The importance of the topic is about ‎highlighting the important and effective role played by the international community and the Islamic societies ‎in the fight against terrorism. Furthermore, this paper aims to clarify the concept of international terrorism and ‎and identify the most important forms and dangers resulting from it, which has been increasing rapidly in ‎recent times and the consequent threat to the integrated human security system, whether moral security, ‎economic security, social security, or Political security or environmental security‎.‎

Keywords: Terrorism, Forms Of İnternational Terrorism, The Effects Of Terrorism On The Islamic Societies, Measures To ‎Counter Terrorismn.