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Ahmed Ghazi ASSI


Most Islamic countries suffer from many economic problems, and these problems have ‎mutual relations, as the presence of one problem casts a shadow over the rest of the ‎problems, and the treatment of a particular problem may contribute to addressing ‎another problem in part, but the proposed solutions do not have full or immediate ‎effects except in The comprehensive implementation of the Islamic system has ‎remained, and this requires some time, and it may be long or short‏.‏ There is no doubt that one of the biggest problems faced by Islamic countries is the ‎spread of the problem of poverty in most Islamic countries, which has become a ‎phenomenon that cannot be tolerated or exceeded in some countries (classified within ‎the extreme poverty line), due to its spread‏.‏ Accordingly, the conscience of all Islamic societies must be awakened in order to ‎support and unite each other and stand as one nation and one body in the face of ‎these challenges, difficulties and problems, with a sense of responsibility and vitality ‎of the importance of this support, and the nation must take into account that no state ‎can achieve its societies The real development and progress you aspire to and for the ‎sake of security, and stability truly prevails in every country, and lifts their societies ‎out of poverty, misery and deprivation, without this development and reform ‎encompassing the entire nation‏.‏ Our belief, which we believe, is that if all of humanity applies this unique Islamic way, ‎the state of the earth will change and people will live happily and safely‎.

Keywords: Poverty, Poverty Problems, Poverty Treatment, Islam and Poverty

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