Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 3   Area: Language Teaching

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Khalid Ahmed Hassan AHMED


This study aims at reviewing a bulk of related studies, and some verses from the Holly Qur'an in order to discover some mysteries of human animal communication. We believe that the majority of the previous studies concern themselves with human attempts to teach human speech to animals. There are a lot of mysteries that surround human animal communication. Furthermore, there are some intersections between human and animals´ ways of interaction. We believe that human speech is one of the most amazing human properties; at the same time, we believe that animals have very advanced ways of communication. However, humans and animals have the access to be involved in interaction and communications with each other and with other species of animals. Our mere observations could maintain this hypothesis of joined human animal communications. This study is an attempt to establish a theoretical framework on which humans and animals can interact and communicate jointly among themselves and other types of animals as well. To process the study some of the related studies will be outlined, discussed and analyzed, and then they will be correlated with the findings of the selected Holly Qur´an verses. Out of these studies some assumptions will be outlined in order to be treated through the discussion, results and recommendations for further studies..

Keywords: Animals´ Communication, Intersections, Creative, Mysteries,Human Communication, Interaction, Amazing Properties, Some Verses, Teaching Human Speech