International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2019 Volume: 1 Issue: 1 Area: International Relations

Shatha Hassan
The Gulf security dilemma is represented by the existence of internal and external threats that have failed to find fundamental solutions to them, and that the fact that the Gulf Cooperation Council states depend on the outside to ensure their security has become a reality after all Gulf efforts to secure a credible and self-reliant security umbrella have failed, despite the huge arsenal of weapons available. On these countries, especially Saudi Arabia. And that the United States intends to be the main actor in the details of the interactions of the Gulf security environment by building a network of different relationships that are its focus. And that the current regional security system is managed by it, and the most prominent of its mechanisms may be the strategic alliance for the Middle East, the renewal of the relationship with the allies, and a set of agreements on security arrangements and security control between the states that make up the Gulf regional system, as it entails a wide number of obligations.

Keywords: Security, The Arab Gulf, The US presence, Threats, Stability.
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