International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Area: Language Teaching

Khalid Ahmed Hassan AHMED
This study aims at exploring linguistic changes in periods of crisis. We feel that great linguistic changes will appear due to the wide spread of the fatal diseases that affect human beings existence on this earth. To fight the disease people should raise their awareness of the disease through language as a linguistic media that helps them to some extent building defenses against the disease. This linguistic shift will be followed with some modifications on the existing form of language either by coining new lexicons or reformulating new terms with new concepts and values. On the stylistic matters some changes are also expected to let people express themselves either socially or economically. The interest of this study will be directed to changes in lexical usage or changes of stylistic issues of the crisis under investigation, namely in this present study the pandemic of Corona Virus that is commonly known as Covid 19. The study will be a qualitative survey of the changes that this disease has led to. The related theoretical framework and literature will be outlined as guidelines for this study. Its importance, methodology and the procedures will also be stated to show the techniques of data collection in order to obtain the main results and the discussion, then finally a summary of the main findings, recommendations and suggestions for further future studies will bring the paper to its logical end.

Keywords: Crisis, Lexical Change, Stylistic Change, Pandemic, Renewal, Covid 19, Language Shift, Awareness, Social Distance, Fatal Disease, Prevention.
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