International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 5 Area: Literature

Oumar Checkh OUSMAN
A person has been known to not reside on earth since he was on this modest, moving from one place to another, for various purposes, which may be in search of food or for fear of natural disasters, or out of love to travel. And the Muslim Arab travelers have a clear purpose from their trips, represented in the pilgrimage to the Sacred House of God and visiting the grave of the Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him, and among them are those who came back through new roads and other countries, and some of them followed his path exploring worlds and regions different from their predecessors, as Ibn Battuta, Burton and others did. Each of them has taken the Holy Land as the focus of study and the place of the journey. This research topic was derived from the title: Burtons Journey and Ibn Battutas Journey: A Comparative Study The topic is important in that it is a comparative process. As it is a reading of two books on one topic, travel literature by their two authors, which are considered one of the most important basic references known to the art of the journey among the Arabs. The limits of the study are represented in Burton's book entitled: "Burton's Journey to Egypt and the Hijaz" and Ibn Battuta's Journey: "A Masterpiece of the Principals in the Strange of Places and Wonders of Travel." This research aims to study two journeys in which it includes important aspects of Arab, Islamic and foreign life in its various aspects, whether it is political, social, religious, intellectual or literary, indicating aspects of agreement and difference between the two trips. The researcher also seeks to identify what distinguishes each trip from the other, in terms of the influence and influence between the two trips

Keywords: Journey, Burton, Ibn Battuta, Egypt, Hijaz, Comparison.
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