International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Area: Education

Omran Mohamed Almrghni ALJDARI & Khiria Mohamed ALDDAGHILI
The state occupies a central position in both general political science and political theory, particularly in terms of research, study, and analysis. This is due to the interest of philosophers, thinkers, and researchers from all sects, as well as the diversity of their beliefs, ideological trends, and affiliations over the centuries. Because the state continued to occupy a significant portion of their thinking, therefore, they examined what the nature of the state, its theories, its definition, its emergence, nature, pillars and the changes that occurred in the state over time. They also investigated the intellectual frameworks capable of explaining this phenomenon, as well as interpreting and analyzing the state models; as a result of these efforts, the social and political sciences developed frameworks and models for their analysis, in order to explain this social and political phenomenon that has occupied philosophers' minds for centuries, Thus, theoretical frameworks was developed and they provide an explanation for this phenomenon. This study is motivated by the fact that the contemporary national state is no longer the sole actor in the contemporary world and that there is a growing intertwining of the international

Keywords: Contemporary Political Transformations, The National Contemporary State
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