International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 4 Area: Education

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, especially at the beginning of the last decade of it the efforts of specialists and researchers in the field of education in general and in some other scientific branches relevant to language teaching in particular began as psychology, knowledge psychology and linguistics in both general and applied branches all these sciences strive to raise the level of education as well as learning so that they work to develop theories, methods and learning strategies in order to achieve the best results in education. The emergence of brain-based learning has been instrumental in illuminating how the brain works in its right and left hemispheres, which allows understanding of the work of the educated brain and the exploitation of its abilities and guidance to serve its educational interests, this has prompted researchers and theorists to focus on employing learning strategies that are compatible with the work of the human brain and to urge the need for them to be included in educational curricula as a refuge for both the teacher and the learner, In recent years, such strategies have become apparent in the Algerian school's educational milieu ; Reliance was placed on these active strategies to increase learning and hold the learner's hand to discover and make the best use of his or her mental abilities. In this paper , she follows a mind mapping strategy to answer a problem: How effective is a mind mapping strategy in bringing understanding and achievement closer to the learner in the subject of grammar for the intermediate third year(model) to underscore the importance of psychology strategy especially as it is one of the most important strategies which correspond to habits of mind of a learner who can use the most appropriate type of habit of mind to solve the learning problem in front of him the objective of this research paper is to encourage both the teacher and the learner to benefit from the mind mapping strategy and to realize the importance of the research on the functioning of the human brain and how it organizes the information for optimal use in the educational process.

Keywords: Learning, Education, Brain Based Learning, Habits of Mind, Learning Strategies, Mind Mapping Stategy.
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