International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 4 Area: Law

Hiba Thamer Mahmood AL-SAMAK
Girls still suffer from violations for their rights, they are the first victims for violation of human right. pay attention to girls and terminate the matter of the discrimination against them, especially in the developing countries and build their personality to be themselves and their families able to face the future and to be pioneers influence the society, Therefore, the United Nations focused on the rights of girls and promised it one of the sustainable development goals that it seeks to achieve in 2030. However, we lack legislation and international conventions on the rights of the girl child, Convention on the Rights of the Child for 1989, and Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) 1979 violation against them are considered the keystone of the rights of girls internationally. I shall use the comparative approach in my research methodology between the Iraqi law and the international conventions and agreements, in order to compare the general provisions, as well as mentioning the most serious violations of the rights of the girl child in Iraqi society and the provisions of Islamic Sharia regarding these violations. The study aims to find special rules for the girl child that distinguish her and grant her adequate rights from childhood, as I did not find anyone who addressed the rights of the girl child in Iraqi Republic in the light of international law, despite the serious violations of her rights, and we did not find the Iraqi legislator has sought or seek to develop legislations that limiting these violations. Thus, I shall search the problem in two researches, the first about what are the rights of the girl child, The second research is about the main rights of girls. The most important results I found that the rights of the girl child encouraged and helped girls to develop mentally, physically and psychologically, that contribute to the development of societies, and the most underdeveloped states are those that do not consider or pay attention to the rights of girls under the age of eighteen, With the need to pay attention to the education and upbringing of girls to be a leading woman in society and to be able to live and provide for her family.

Keywords: Girls, Human Right, Iraqi Law, International Conventions.
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