International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 5 Area: Education

Communication is at the core of human relations. It is one of the most ‎important means of achieving human integration. It is present in all areas ‎and in all other circumstances.‎ Today, communication has become an independent knowledge of itself ‎and one of the most important sciences taught in schools, universities, ‎institutes and training centres in order to regulate its rules, acquire its skills ‎and promote its culture in order to achieve an integrated structure in all ‎spheres of life.‎ And what we're interested in in this humble article is effective ‎management communication, that is, communication for and for ‎management, through which the educational leader can achieve many of the ‎goals of the educational institution to create the right environment for ‎successful communication with all those involved in education. This cannot ‎be imagined without the educational leader having a deeply rooted and ‎adequate communication culture to absorb problems and find appropriate ‎solutions.‎ In contrast, when communication is lost, the educational institution is ‎less effective, which exposes it to ill-management and indifference, it is ‎ultimately responsible for failure, infertility in management, well-being and ‎loss of educational security within and outside the institution.‎ In view of the above, the centrality of administrative communication ‎within the educational system, which is essential for raising its value and ‎giving it the status it deserves, we have the right to present the following ‎problems: How willing are educational administrative frameworks to have ‎access to an administrative and educational outreach that is at the level of ‎educational administration in general and Morocco in particular? And what ‎are the impediments to administrative communication? What is the role of ‎effective administrative communication in achieving educational security and ‎quality in educational institutions? All of that we're going to try to answer ‎with this humble intervention, which we're going to split into a group of ‎detectives as required. It is from God that we derive help, compromise and ‎payment‎.

Keywords: Communication‎,‎ Administrative‎,‎ Quality‎,‎ Educational Institute.
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