International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 5 Area: Religious sciences

Hanaa Mohammed Hossein Ahamed AL-TAMMIMY‎
The purposes of Islamic Shari are to bring utilities and ‎benefits and also to avoid depravation.This sharia is very ‎suitable for human instinct ; it is valid for every place and ‎time.‎ Our respectable jurists said that non of difficulties hasn't a ‎rule in our god's book so we have to be aware of the rules ‎and judgments' of those troubles and what is expected to ‎happen.‎ In this research, in God's willing, we declare the jurisprudent ‎regionalization (adaptation) of electronic digital money ‎‎(system of transferring electronic money) and what is related ‎to this system of jurisprudent restrains because the electronic ‎money is people's needs which contributes in accomplish their ‎finance dealings by great quickness to transfer their money ‎with reducing its expenses that the finance dealing is ‎considered as a practical life nerve that pours in individual's ‎controlled benefits which doesn't contradict with Islamic ‎sharia goals and principles.‎ So, it is important to know the jurisprudent terms and to ‎evaluate economic and banking work that is included in ‎principles of Islamic sharia, according to jurisprudent rules ‎connected with Islamic banks work‎.

Keywords: The purposes of Islamic Shari, Islamic jurisprudence, Numeral Finance.
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