International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 4 Area: Literature

Qahtan Adnan Abdul Wahid AL-SUMAIDAIE & Thamer Hamzah Ali Al-DULAIMl
The mind cannot imagine that any science shows enrichment without the need for this Because true science is a reaction to a scientific problem in society and a necessity to open what is closed to understand it, and scientific convergence between nations is one of the most important problems that need channels of communication that help in understanding the culture of the other and understanding the other. Our culture, We now live in a small world dominated by information technology and digital computers, and the communication process is very fast and easy,This undoubtedly makes the process of communication between communities very easy and gives a great demand for understanding the languages of others village that brings the distant closer and draws explicit features in the mind of society, and all of this needs a clarification of terms and keeping pace with their formations, and this understanding must be based on a special scientific perspective devoid of emotional inclination and cloaked in a scientific scarf,This understanding and perspective grows in an important angle in language as it is the image and mirror that reflects human culture. Language is the vessel of thought, and this language in our world is no longer confined to what is scattered on the peaks of the Arabian desert, and therefore dictionaries came to form important features of intellectual communication at the level of language and culture. And this art is authentic in languages, especially Arabic, and because of the flexibility of Arabic and its ability to accept the stranger in sound, morphology, and semantics, as it expanded to receive the ancient Arabizer, so it flaunted it with its originality to be an Arab or to wear the dress of the Arabic inflection and its significance, Flexibility of Arabic has developed with us as a lexical extension that helped accept the other, keep up with him and communicate with him without that at the expense of the origin. And the formation of scientific visions that help in rooting the linguistic link away from bias, and these special linguistic dictionaries are cultural formations that were limited to one linguistic color, and this keeps pace with the era of speed in specialization and understanding terms away from stuffiness, repetition and chaos overlapping linguistic levels.

Keywords: Industry, Term, Linguistic, Private Lexicon
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