International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Area: Literature

The Amazigh poetic achievement represents an open horizon on the fabric of history and the collective life of Moroccans, and through its various manifestations it is a celebration of nature and the organic connection with its major norms and rituals. The multiplicity that characterizes its terminology embodies the mosaic of the Berber environment with its fertility and sweetness ... Therefore, it delves into the pleasure of expression, glorifies the causes of life and embraces its objects and symbols. However, the most important thing that attracts the attention of the linguistic researcher, which intends to carry out scientific research in the terminology of Amazigh poetry, is the scarcity of studies and research that have dealt with this level. Most of them stopped studying this aspect, and did not address it extensively or adequately, explaining its paradoxes, and defining its major articulations, despite the great importance and the fundamental place it occupies in modern Amazigh linguistic and literary studies ... Many linguistic and geographic reasons were not examined. One of the terms that may appear, at first glance, be indicative of the same meaning. The fact is that there are wide dialectal, semantic and technical differences between them. The matter here relates to concepts such as : Tamdyazt, Izli, Tayffart and Tamawayt ... as the search is often limited to the first concept without specifying the adjacent terms, nor highlighting the differences and combining them. The researcher in the Amazigh tongue in general, and in the poetic term in particular, faces a terminological chaos and a great conceptual confusion. This increases the difficulty of researching the topic and limits the scientific results reached. Then this paper comes to shed light on some of the components of its terminological structure, and to address some semantic and pragmatic issues related to it dialectally, geographically, and ethnologically.

Keywords: Terminology; Moroccan Amazigh Poetry; Lexical Richness; Terminological Disorder; Dialectical Diversity.
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