International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 4 Area: Higher Education Research

Mohammed Saleh ALAJMI & Samah Khamis Said AL MAMARI
The current study aimed to build a proposed training program to advance the development of functional writing skills of Al-Buraimi University College students and measure its impact on improving functional writing skills. It also aimed to reveal whether there are statistically significant differences at the level of (α 0.05) in the level of acquisition of the college's students in the functional writing skills attributed to the human gender variable. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers used the approved semi-experimental approach based on the design of (one group with two pre and post-tests). Therefore, a number of research tools and materials were designed, which are: a list of appropriate functional writing skills for students of Al-Buraimi University College in the Sultanate of Oman, an analytical assessment list for correcting the functional writing test, a pre and post-test for Al-Buraimi University College students, and building a training program for Al-Buraimi University College students in light of the list Specific skills, preparing the training program guide, and after verifying the validity and reliability of the research tools and materials, they were applied to a sample of (80) students at Al-Buraimi University College. The results of the study indicated a clear improvement in the growth of job writing skills in favor of the post test, as the average performance was 25.74%, while the pre-test was 17.89%. This indicates that students who underwent the experimental program based on constructivist theory in teaching had better functional writing skills. This result indicates that the targeted functional writing skills have clearly developed among the students of Al-Buraimi University College, while the results of the second question showed that there are no differences in the level of students' acquisition of functional writing skills between males and females of Al-Buraimi College. In light of the results of the current study, we reached to the following recommendations: Benefiting from the list of functional writing skills that the current study reached by evaluating the performance of Al-Buraimi University College students for the functional writing skills in light of it, and by building tests in light of that list and providing lecturers who teach the Arabic language course and list the skills so that they have a support in implementing the course with better efficiency. While the study made some proposals, that are: Conducting a descriptive study to determine functional writing skills in universities and colleges in other areas, such as: writing reports, meeting minutes, resumes.

Keywords: Training Program, Functional Writing, Al-Buraimi College, Sultanate of Oman
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