International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Area: Religious sciences

The majority of societies on Earth suffered a lot physically, psychologically, intellectually and financially during the Corona Covid-19 epidemic in the period 2020-2021, which surprised everyone with the speed and severity of its spread and lethality all over the world, and with the severity of the preventive measures that forced people to adhere to it. Despite all the crises that accompanied it or resulted from it, the scholars of Sharia, despite their great efforts in the field of fatwas that have taken place, nevertheless the common Muslims felt their lack of a pioneering and effective role for them, for they are the scholars of the ummah. And their deeds rise to the level appropriate to the greatness of Islam and lead it to serve mankind in all circumstances, in all societies and at all times. So did they take advantage of the circumstances and in the jurisprudence councils, legal universities, Islamic think tanks and others, hastened to meet and consult periodically and intensely commensurate with the momentum of the developments that took place in that event and the pursuit of the event in all its aspects and dynamics, and has the effect of this appeared in several aspects in Islamic societies and elsewhere? The Holy Quran and the Noble Prophets Sunnah have revealed this pioneering role by the prophets and messengers, saints and scholars. Scholars of true law at all times are the heirs of the prophets, and enjoining good and forbidding evil depends on their guidance and diligence. Likewise, that role is not hidden in the wonderful models launched in Islamic societies throughout its prosperous history in all aspects of life, and in all the circumstances and conditions that it has gone through, including calamities, tribulations, misfortunes, strife, diseases and epidemics, which had the greatest positive impact on the Ummahs awareness and knowledge of good behavior in it. To prevent the largest proportion of the losses in the lives of people and the good of the country. This study comes by following the descriptive and analytical method to highlight the aforementioned by introducing the Corona epidemic, and the inductive approach by exploring the pioneering role of true Islamic law scholars in epidemics by referring to the sources of legislation with evidence of that throughout Islamic history, then searching for that application in this era, following the field approach Al-Estebyani, with investigating their positions during that epidemic. The most prominent results after the research were: That Islamic scholars have the greatest importance that goes beyond the intellectuals, thinkers, and even politicians, and they are at the forefront of society in researching and uncovering how to deal with epidemics according to Sharia evidence, using all means and techniques, both ancient and modern. And adopting educational, informational and advocacy methods in generalizing how people deal with the epidemic; And to highlight the faith role that achieves security, tranquility, and satisfaction with the judgment of God, adhering to the teachings of Islam in that event and responding to the responsible represented by the intellectual, political, health and other systems, and they also have a great impact on societies when they rush to issue fatwas to guide individuals and governments in how to deal with this pandemic, and not to stop Then, it is imperative to constantly and diligently follow up on the developments of the epidemic with the permanent meeting of fatwa councils locally and internationally, in order to change the fatwas and procedures in line with the new circumstances. That Muslim scholars have been the pioneering and guiding reed throughout history represented by models that elevated themselves, their nation, and humanity as well.

Keywords: Pioneering Role, Epidemic, Pandemic, Corona Covid 19, Forensic Scholars.
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