International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Area: Historical Studies

Riyam Saleh ABBAS
The research is concerned with analyzing the scarcity of materials and artistic creativity in Mesopotamia. This methodology of this research started with the problem that raised many questions about the shifts in the method of implementing the artistic achievement. It posed the following question: What is the scarcity of materials and artistic creativity in the Mesopotamian ? As for the importance of research، it focused on topics on the scarcity of materials، including the conceptual structures in sculptural and pottery work، which initiated new subjects of sculptural texts that were specific to that period with its historical sequences. In order to solve the research problem، the researcher aimed to set the research aim for the current study، as it was concerned with identifying the scarcity of materials and artistic creativity in Mesopotamia. It also included the limits of research، that were objectively determined by the artistic product. spatially: Ancient Iraq، and temporally: the ages leading up to (6750 BC) - the end of the modern Babylonian era (539 BC). The researcher limited the research population to (10) ، and selected the research sample from this community that reached (5) models. Then، the researcher analyzed the sample and conclude that: The ancient artist sought a style to present creative and ambiguous concepts، in a way that served the sculptural achievement and intensified its artistic and aesthetic connotations، followed by the recommendations and suggestions specific to the current study

Keywords: Artistic Creativity, Civilization, Mesopotamia, Scarcity of Materials
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