Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Language Teaching

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Dahmani MAMA, Mahieddine RACHID


Throughout these papers I intend to expose that language like the other forms of social activity has to be appropriate to the speaker using it. It also needs to be suitable for a particular situation and occasion according to the important social factors field, mode and tenor. This variability is a normal feature of language; for this reason we have not the right to blame any one since each established his language to satisfy the needs of his mind. Linguistically speaking, we can not study language without referring it to society which uses it since the study of language without referring it to society is to exclude the possibility of finding social explanations for the structures that are used. It also needs to be added that language is not a simple code used by all people in societies but it differs from a person to another, from a social class to another, from a region to another, an ethnic group to another. It is through this paper that I will try to show and elucidate the contribution of some of these factors in language variability in speech community showing in the meantime the strong connection between language and society.

Keywords: language, Culture, Semiotics, Speech.