Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Religious sciences

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Amna Abdulsalam ALZAEDI


Alghazali has given greater importance and paid attention, towards moral education, considering that islam is a call that is fundamentally built on the noble morals. and that morals are basically the core of the educational process. Thus, alghazali has presented to us a curriculum for the education of morals, how can man identify the defects of on eself, how can one change his morals in order to achieve the satisfaction of allah. as he paid attention towards educating the humane societies and methods that may help them to develop, ending up with a balanced society. For alghazali, morals are tied to religion in a strong and concrete manner, to him religion is the base of morals. alghazali has found that religion is the favourite method in modifying the sources and motives, to be grown up in a manner that fits with the duties of worships and religious.

Keywords: Goal From The Moral, Good Moral And Bad Moral, Moral Doing, Moral Education.

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