Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Law

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Nadia FATH


The study, marked "Morocco's advanced regionalism in the light of comparative experiences", is part of a series of specialized scientific articles on decentralized measures in Morocco's advanced regionalism. The importance of the study is to try to approach Morocco's regional experience and prospects through the development of regional comparative experiences that define regional administrative organizations similar to Morocco as France. Other experiences of political identity, such as Germany, Spain and Italy, by raising questions of interest to the nature of these different regional regimes and the regional competencies entrusted to each model; their different forms of State, their political and constitutional systems, and their similarities and differences. For that reason, we believe that the subject should be approached through a comparative historical legal methodology, with the adoption of a constitutional reading to try to understand these constitutional regimes and their impact on the nature of the adopted regional model. In response to the questions raised, we propose to address the topic through two axes: the first, providing a reading in comparative regional political experiences of Spain (autonomous regions), Italy (State of regions) and Germany (Lander); While The second axis provides a reading in the regional administrative organization of Morocco and France, and the prospect of applying Morocco's political regionalism through the autonomy proposal. The study concludes the extent to which the nature of the State's form and its political and constitutional system affect regional models, which also vary according to the historical reference to the regional phenomenon of each State and to the societal conditions with which it coincides. This calls for a focus on the national references and foundations of the State and its constitutional choices. Their cultural, ethnic and political descendants, and of course the extent to which the State's political system wishes to share the Government and waive some of its competence to lower bodies, which necessarily means its desire for change.

Keywords: Unified And Federal State; Decentralization; Administrative Regionalism; Political Regionalism; Self-Government; Morocco.

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