Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Literature

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Mahmood Fawzi ABDULLAH &Jabur Jerboa FAHAD


Measurement and explanation among grammarians and morphologists has a great position that occupies a space no less than hearing in grammatical and morphological studies, especially if this reasoning is based on invoking the aural witness, namely, the noble Prophet´s hadith in which the citation in grammatical and morphological matters disagreed without the eloquent evidence for reasons mentioned In the folds of this research and linguistic studies in general, especially the books of grammatical principles, and in our research we focused on the reasoning in the hadith of the Prophet in the morphological literature up to the fifth century AH, taking from those books the book Minutes of Al-Tasrif as a model for Imam Abu Al-Qasim bin Muhammad bin Saeed Al-Muddeb, who died in the year (338) For immigration, and the study included an introduction that included an introduction to the explanation of the hadith, the differences of scholars about it, and the first of the most reliable on him in the martyrdom of the owners of the exchange, and the study of the first study on the points of protest and its positions as well as the explanation, martyrdom and representation of the hadith in the books of exchange in the mentioned period and on According to the chronological order in which we committed ourselves to the deaths of their authors, and according to the abundance and the few to mention the hadiths of the Prophet in this case Publications, and after this we devoted the second topic to making a balance between Abu al-Qasim ibn al-Muddib and others, before and after the morphological scholars. This is because we found differences in representation, martyrdom, and taking from previous grammarians and morphologists from all the grammatical schools that were known in that period of time

Keywords: Morphological Reasoning, Prophetic Hadith, Ibn Al-Madab, Morphological Studies, Martyrdom