Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 2   Area: Education

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Fatima Az Zahra MONSEF


The importance of the research project lies in the formation of the child during the pre-school stage by transforming him into the following mental stages in the development process, through the guiding function of the language, and the development of his logical thinking during the age stage between4-6 years, by enriching his linguistic outcome, and the formation of concepts, And the diversification of levels of linguistic knowledge within the environment to which the child belongs. The linguistic lexical project has educational and cultural goals, child´s tongue, accompanied by some information related to their pronunciation, drawing, derivation with their synonyms, opposites, uses and employment. Therefore, we discussed during this research project an explanation of the pedagogical background controlling the manufacture of this dictionary, from external characteristics at the level of from, and internal to the level of content, in addition to the principles, conditions and standards that should de, as follows: basic principles: 1. Simplicity 2. The functional dimension is words used in daily life that help the child to cope 3. Helping to continue the processes of mental development, sensory, motor, emotional. 4. Proximity to the child´s surroundings and environment A moong the conditions for compositing this dictionary is the development of contemporary scientific and artistic terms. To be characterized by clarity, comprehensiveness and arrangement, symbols, to be descriptive and analytical in the arrangement of its vocabulary, styles, and sentences

Keywords: Lexicon, Early Childhood, Arabic Language, Pedagogy