Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Philosophy

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Jihan Aloshi Sayid AHMAD, Nijimeh Mahmood DAKLALLAH


This article aims to shed light on the psychological and social characteristics of children with mental disabilities and the extent to which these characteristics affect their social adaptation to the environment around them. Empirical and analytical studies and research in this field have been highlighted, discussed, and analyzed that came up with evidence and facts regarding this children category. The article is one of the important articles and studies shedding light on the importance of addressing psychological and social characteristics and their impact on the development of various skills for the category of mental disabilities, which would further enhance their social, cognitive, academic, and educational, functional and life skills, and communication skills. Modern educational studies and research concerning this category of children and the educational methods suitable for them were searched for. The fields of research included: the category of children with mental disabilities, their psychological and social characteristics, and the impact of these characteristics on social and emotional needs and social adjustment. A full bulletin has been prepared that includes the most important studies that dealt with the psychological and social characteristics of mentally disabled children, ways of teaching them, and their most important results and tools. In this, those responsible can benefit from them in teaching the category of mentally disabled children. The researcher concluded that the psychological and social characteristics of the category of children with mental disabilities have a significant and clear impact on their acquisition of various skills: academic, life, social, and behavioral skills. In light of this, it is very important to develop the knowledge of teachers and specialists dealing with this category regarding these characteristics. This would play an important role in developing the social-emotional learning for this category, providing them with various skills and discharging them towards a dignified life and a better future.

Keywords: Children With Mental Disabilities, Characteristics, Psychological Characteristics, Social Characteristics.

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