Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Child Research

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No one can ignore the importance of reading in our lives, nor the role of school in learning it. However, the place occupied by books in Moroccan society unfortunately remains very negligible, while the school, which should in principle be the temple of reading, is increasingly singled out each time we wish to explain the origin of this problem. Need we remember, in this regard, that to love reading, you first need an initiation to this practice. Children should also be encouraged, from an early age, to read and appreciate books by giving reading all the importance it deserves in our daily lives. It is indeed a question of encouraging children to read by making them aware of the fact that reading is a moment of adventure and pleasure that is built up with habit. A habit that gradually becomes more and more attractive insofar as it contributes to the enrichment of the mind and the improvement of the cultural and intellectual level of the reader.

Keywords: Child, Parents, Teacher, Reading, Learning.