Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Religious sciences

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Noor Abdul Karim SABRY


This research studies (the reasons for carrying the oath contrary to what is apparent in the Holy Qur’an), which is a study of the most important reasons why scholars from interpreters and grammarians carry the subject of the oath in contrast to what is apparent from the aspects in the Holy Qur’an, and as it is known that in the Holy Qur’an there are many and many places for the oath, some of which are Scholars unanimously agreed that it is a division and there is no disagreement in it, and among them there was a dispute among scholars as to whether it was an oath or otherwise, which is what this research meant. Quranic section in which the section is mentioned ,And whoever said it and permitted it from among the scholars, by referring to the most important Qur’anic and grammatical sources that referred to it, and I was limited to mentioning the opinion of the oath, and I did not refer to their differences in it because of the lack of research capacity for that. After presenting the Qur’anic verses in which the oath is contained in contrast to the apparent meaning, I indicated in the second section of this research to the most important reasons that prompted scholars to say the oath and give preference to the rest of the aspects mentioned in the verse, and then concluded the research with a conclusion that summarized the most prominent results reached by this research.

Keywords: Oath, Pregnancy and Oath, Contrary to Apparent Meaning, Oath in The Holy Qur’an.

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