Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 2   Area: Art and Design

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Khalid Ahmed Hassan AHMED


This study aims at exploring some morphological processes by which linguistic items can be reduced or increased in order to respond to some semantic and structural functions. This phenomenon is plausible in almost all human languages such as English and Arabic. Reduction and increase of morphological items serve variety of functions that range from structural precision to syntactic and semantic functions. This study is important as it attempts to present comparative and contrastive perspectives of English and Arabic instances of morphological reduction or increase. Some morphological aspects of both English and Arabic will be tackled. In addition to the analysis of the English morphological processes some verses of the Holly Qur'an will be taken as data for analysis. Moreover, some samples of other languages will be outlined to confirm the presence of this phenomenon in other human languages. To process this study a historical qualitative approach will be followed through an intensive survey and review of some related studies and samples of morphological reduction and increase. The study will include the objectives of the study, its methodology, results, summary and recommendations for further studies

Keywords: Semantic Perspectives, Syntactic Perspective, Morphological Reduction, Morphological Increase, Harmony, Precision, Pidgins, Creoles, Language Varieties, Number, Gender, Case.