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Hana Naji AL SHUKRI, Mohammed Naji AL-ARAIBI


Commercial advertisements are one of the best means that uses advertising discourse with its ‎influential dimensions to spread its persuasive commercial message in attracting customers, using the ‎verbal and non-verbal language (image_color) to express that. Many questions come to our minds ‎that we wanted to answer in this research, about the concept of semiotics and its relationship to ‎commercial advertisements. What are the meanings or implicit connotations that commercial ‎advertisements carry? What are the dimensions inherent in commercial images? What is the language ‎used in the advertising discourse on Libyan TV? All these questions that we tried to answer in this ‎research by shedding light on the discourse used in commercial advertisements in some Libyan TV ‎channels, using advertising models from one of the Libyan channels and analyzing them in an ‎accurate semiotic analysis by following the descriptive analytical method.

Keywords: Semiotics, Commercial Advertising

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