Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Archeology

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Hayat MEKKI‎


The museum is the place through which the visitor can roam through time through various civilizations. It is a permanent headquarters for the service and development of society. It is open to the public. It collects, preserves and stores archaeological artifacts and then displays them to the visiting public, for the purpose of study, education, and entertainment. It is also an institution focused on Its role is to contribute to the development of societies scientifically, culturally, ethically and other functions, as the Setif Museum has a huge collection of holdings, and accordingly this research paper came to introduce the National Museum of Antiquities in Setif, whose visit is a journey through time in which the visitor summarizes the history and culture of the city through its corridors, as well as showing the most important holdings that are available on it and the most important museum display methods that it uses in presenting its museum holdings?.

Keywords: Setif National Archeology Museum, Museum Holdings.