Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Sociology

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Fatima Mohammed FERHANE


After evocating the interest of the research concerning the increasing of the phenomenon of the abandoned children during the last years because of many social and cultural factors which they are very deeply, this research pushed me to put forward the aims of it in order to: 1) View the level of the protection offered by the social service to this situation and their profit from it. 2) Know the constraints which the social assistant face taking the responsibility of the abandoned children. 3) Reach of the causes of the spread phenomenon of the abandoned children from the professional study concerning the civil servants of the health, the local authority, the court and the civil society. 4) Determine the future vision of these children from the vision of the society to them and their treatment of this phenomenon through the many meetings with the responsible of the local authority, the public prosecutor, the court, the health and the civil society. 5) I grasped this research in two researches: in the first research, the theoretical side and in the second research, the empirical side. In the first research, I discussed tree chapters as following: -in the first chapter, the historical framework of the child and his situation. -in the second chapter, the child and his relation with the family. -in the third chapter, the historical reference of the Moudawana (the family code), the family and the problematic of the definition of the abandoned children. Concerning the second research, I adopted a scientific style in order to present the services of the social service of the city of Sefrou and the treatment of the social problems actually because the social service is a principal pillar in the planning and execution of the social protection program and for that, the questions and hypothesis and after I chose the sample and used the meeting in order to have the information from the original references. The sample is based on four categories because they treat the directly contact with the phenomenon but, on other hand, they permit me to know its opinions and its points of view in the reality. I divided these categories in four groups: -The first group contains the justice institution. -The second group contains the local authority. -The third group contains the civil servants of the health. -The firth group contains the civil society from the different categories of the Moroccan society. All these categories was from the city of Sefrou and the sample was estimated about thirty interviewers and I adopted in this research the use of the meetings and each of them concerning the questions of each category of the sample, taking on the consideration the common questions between the four categories and the particular questions of each sector according to its specialty. In the end of the meeting, I studied the variations of the research and I made to file the common questions and to file the different questions in order to comment on. After filing, I deduced through the analysis and discussion the consequences of this phenomenon according to the aims of the research realized.‎

Keywords: The Abandoned Children, The Civil Society, The Family.