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Khadija MARKI


Amazigh literature has noticed a notable development in recent years, in diverse creative genres such as poetry, story, theatre, short story, and novel... Genres in which Amazigh writers have excelled significantly, whether on the level of topic or form. In this research, I will focus on novels written by women, which appeared and reserved late compared to the rest of the Amazigh literary genres, but it was a strong difference in the Amazigh literary creativity. Even in the old novel format. Despite this delay, novelist women were able to be creative and gather a significant production in the genre of the novel. From the beginnings in 2005 until 2020, we find about 23 Amazigh novels of different styles, aesthetics, and form, as well as themes and structures, written by women. It is noticeable in the modern topics of the Amazigh feminist novel, its adoption of the fantasy theme as a new reference in perception and creativity after the feminine concern and identities dominated the feminist writings. For example, we find the young novelist Fadima Firas, who published five different novels, as she is considered one of the writers for whom productive criticism played an essential role in the language and topics of her writing. So it became a bright face in what is called the reference to the rebellion and the fantasy of the novel, as well as its adoption of the reference to magical realism. This is what we noticed in our study of her publications, and I will single out as an example her novel tifilla n tmagust, a field of my analysis and study.

Keywords: Literature, Feminism, Amazigh, Fantasy