Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Sports and youth

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Magda Hamid KAMBASH, Nidal Fadel ABBAS, Esraa Fadel ABBAS


The importance of the research lies in the fact that inverse learning aims to reverse the educational process by using modern technology intelligently. It provides education commensurate with the requirements of students in the current era, by preparing educational videos with the required content for students to interact with and is sent in social networks, so an initial kinetic perception of the skill is built according to The physical and mental abilities of the learners. As for the research problem, the main objective of the educational process is to improve its outcomes Through the follow-up and study of researchers, they noticed recently the multiplicity of teaching methods for skills in the game of volleyball and the lack of use of modern strategies and effective methods in the educational process that increase learning, which leads to learning difficulty for students. ) for skills (serving, receiving) in volleyball for female students. And to identify the effect of the strategy used in learning the skills of sending and receiving volleyball for female students. The researchers used the experimental approach in the style of equal groups in order to fit the approach followed with the nature of the study and its objectives. The research was conducted on female students of the fifth preparatory class - Thwaiba Al - Aslmiea Secondary School for Girls for the academic year 2020-2021, whose number is (30) students, who were divided into two groups, control and experimental, with (15) A female student for each group The experimental group implemented the educational curriculum according to the inverse classroom strategy, and the control group implemented the curriculum followed by the school. The researchers concluded: The inverse learning strategy has an important and effective role in learning the female students' sending and receiving skills in volleyball. The flipped learning strategy gave an opportunity to activate the students and clarify their role, as well as give the school more time to observe the students when performing the skills of sending and receiving volleyball for students. There is a positive effect of the strategy (inverse class) On learning the sending and receiving skills in volleyball between the two groups in the post test and for the benefit of the experimental group. The optimal use of time and the increase in the number of repetitions. Performance of skills has an effective role in the emergence of moral differences in learning the two skills of sending and receiving in volleyball. The explanation, presentation and application of skills in the educational and applied part in the main part of the educational unit has clearly contributed to its learning. The researchers recommend: working on holding seminars and workshops for students and teachers to clarify the nature of the flipped learning strategy and its dimensions. Using other educational methods that use modern technology on different samples. Communicate periodically and continuously with students through electronic programs in order to enhance the learning of skills for students. Use modern strategies such as the flipped classroom as auxiliary and supportive strategies for the methods used in teaching and teaching motor skills and teaching programs are not limited to traditional methods.

Keywords: The Educational Curriculum, The Flipped Class Strategy, The Sending And Receiving Skills in Volleyball.